stephanie concepcion ramirez


“The trick to everything is: acting like you belong,” he said.

Make Believe. I’m sure she had a moment where that was what she felt she had to do and maybe she reminded herself of that every day for the next twenty years. I’m sure she said it over and over again in her head with every step she took that led her further and further from that fence. People passing by laughing and carrying on in a language that she couldn’t anchor herself in.

She’s floating.

Cars fly by so fast that her pant legs are glued to her shins and sounds are blaring from the speakers shaking the ground she’s standing on.

She’s floating.

She feels the ground again. Act like you belong. Just blend in. Lose everything about you that makes you you, that made you you. Everything before this moment - forget. Just blend in. Just blend in until you disappear.